Sunday, February 7, 2010

There is nothing like the smell of fresh from the farm and still-warm fruit jam you could eat right from the jar! They say jellies are popular among kids as it quickly boost their energy, while preserves are more seriously for adults.

Since its first blend, old-style fruit preserves have come a long way and have striven its tradition of only natural and all-fruit way. Although preserves today are no longer made in the farm kitchen, there is still this real fruit jammed and sweetened with natural white grapes.

History of Fruit Preserves
Drying varieties of food in the sun to make food preserves has been known since the ancient civilizations. Its long history catered to the introduction of fruit conserves which became popular during the Middle Ages in countries where sugar cane grew naturally. It is believed that fruits preserved in sugar cane created the first jams and jellies. The sweet preserves created a royal demand of fruit flavors rich in sugar that even pineapples were started to be grown in royal gardens, ending every royal banquet with jellies and marmalades served in silver platters.  

Fruits preserved in kingly sweetness rose to popularity until the 19th century leading to the artistry of slow-cooked fruit blends in small batches, using honey, maple sugar or molasses.

Serving Suggestions
The enjoyment of spreading jams will continue the sunshine on fruits to your food that brings back childhood memories to the table. Jams put a rich indulgence with cheese or pate savored on a toast or baguette, while jellies make excellent toppings for waffles, cakes, yogurts and sundaes, let your marmalade garnish a fruit plate. The idea of jams as condiment with meat or poultry is very special.
Storing Your Fruit Preserves
Unopened preserves may be kept up to a period of one year if properly stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Opened ones may be refrigerated for a period of up to one month. To store home cooked jams and jellies, fill the jam hot into sterilized jars, seal the lid and boil in a water canner for 5 minutes. This will preserve the good flavor and color of your jam and prevent molds from growing.

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